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 Official Rules of DW

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PostSubject: Official Rules of DW   Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:13 pm

All members must read these rules before doing anything else on this site.
1. Respect others as well as their beliefs: All members are allowed to post their beliefs and ideas freely. There will be no critizing others beliefs, experiences, etc. No one is allowed to call someone a liar or troll.  No one is allowed to say someone is wrong about their theories or beliefs.
2. No cursing: There will be no fowl language of any kind. Everyone must use moderate language. There may be people on this site, such as myself, who take offense to such language. If I find any use of cursing, a warning will be given and either I or you will edit the context.
3. No inappropriate pictures or discussion of any kind: There will be no pictures or discussion advertising nudity, sexuality, porn or any of that bad stuff. None of that is allowed. This is a clean site. Anyone who post such things will be given a warning and that topic will be moved to locked topics.
4. Proper grammar etiquette: Please try and use proper grammar. No slang. I know sometimes we make mistakes from writing, so it's fine. That's what editing is for. Just try. This is not one of those rules where you will get in serious trouble or a warning unless you use slang.
5. Listen to the staff: Yes, it is important to listen to the admin, but please listen to moderate and other staff. It is not a good idea to argue with the staff for this may result in a warning or a possible ban. Please be respectful and cooperative toward all staff members and show respect. I'm not hard to deal with.
6. No double posting: Double posting is posting more than one time in a row on the same topic. This is counted as spamming. If it is an accident, then as long as you delete the post you will be fine.
7. One account per user: Each user is permitted to have only one account. If a user is caught with multiple accounts a PM will sent to one or each account. The user will then be given a warning and may choose an account to stick with while the rest will be deleted. Failure to do so will result in all accounts, except for the most recent, being deleted.
8. Post topics in the correct sections: Please post all topics in the right section. If you are not sure what section a topic goes in, PM me and I or one of the moderators will help you. If a topic is in the wrong section it will be moved to its proper section.

Any user not following these rules will be given a warning. Reach three warnings and you will be banned. We are all friends here and I would hate to have to ban anyone. So, please be respectful and follow all rules. Thank you and have fun!
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Official Rules of DW
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