Welcome to the community of digidestined and belivers. All beliefs and opinions are safe here so feel free browse around and have fun!
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 Howdy! How's it goin'?

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PostSubject: Howdy! How's it goin'?   Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:23 am

Most of the people here already know me from one place or another, but I suppose I should be courteous and post here anyways, just in case. So, yeah. I'm called Haruko, I currently attend high school and live in Texas. I consider myself a skeptic among the community, but I assure you I bring no ill will, I simply mean to represent another side of the situation. I spend most of the day lounging about playing video games, doping around on the internet, and developing the ever-changing plans of the future. I fancy myself as a sort of free-form writer, and hope to see myself through to my goal of being a musician.

Oh, right, this is a Digimon forum, I should probably talk about that and why I have the stance that I do towards it. I stumbled into the community on a boring night in August of 2014 on a little site called Digimon Paradise. I was lead there by a certain believer who posted a link to the site in a Neoseeker forum thread, and the idea intrigued me.

As a young child, I had always daydreamed about going on adventures like those portrayed in Digimon. The Digital World seemed like a place that I could fit into, it contrasts so much to our world. I felt like I could resist the dangers there, unlike those that I had to worry about in normal life.

So, being filled with a certain nostalgia, I stuck around to hear the stories of those who had come before me, and those who have comes after. But yet, here I am, without a story of my own to match them. Thus, I represent the neutral party, the man without any stance other than that of the only world he knows.

Oh wow, that went on a little long.
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PostSubject: Re: Howdy! How's it goin'?   Sat Jan 10, 2015 8:35 am

Hey. Welcome to the site.
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PostSubject: Re: Howdy! How's it goin'?   Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Howdy! How's it goin'?   Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:30 pm

Welcome to the site

We are a community.
We are a team.
We are united.
We are one.

if you need to contact me please go to http://otherkin-community.boards.net
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PostSubject: Re: Howdy! How's it goin'?   

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Howdy! How's it goin'?
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