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 The Ultimate Partner Topic

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PostSubject: The Ultimate Partner Topic   Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:48 pm

This is where you can tell us all about your partner, if you wish. It's a lot of fun and I always like doing these. I will lay out some information for you to give. You do not have to fill out all the information if you do not wish to or it's something you don't know. You can also add additional information. Here's some of the things you can tell us:

Amount of partners:
Name: (if they do not go by their species name)
Evolution Line: (this can also include armor digivolution, biomerging, DNA digivolution or what ever your partner does)
Detailed story of how you meet: (if you have more than one partner, then please give a story for each partner)
How long you've known your partner:
Method of Communication:
Potential Partners:
Other digimon you interact with:
Greatest moment(s):
Saddest Moment(s):
Added information:

Here is my partner:

Amount of partners: 1
Species: Wizardmon
Name: Just goes by Wizardmon.
Evolution Line: Mokumon,,DemiMeramon, Candlemon, Wizardmon, Mistymon, Dynasmon; Armor Digivolution: Flawizarmon
Detailed story of how you meet: Wizardmon and I have actually known each other since I was only one year old. He had been sent to me by Azulongmon to protect me. Somebody, not even the Sovereign know, had given me a digivice. Which Wizardmon had hid from me all these years. But when I was nine, he left to protect me because dark forces where after me. He had taken my digivice with him. Back in January, I saw him again through a dream where I was in Primary Village with the rest of the Digidestined. He explained to me that I am a Digidestined and it is my duty to protect the Digital World from Myotismon. Unfortunately, he can't give me my digivice for he can't leave the Digital World. Something about his data structure being messed up. We are trying to find a solution to this.
How long you've known your partner: 14 years
Method of Communication: Use to by telepathy and AP, but it's harder to do now
Potential Partners: None. Wizardmon is all I need.
Other Digimon you interact with: The inhabitants of a village call Freeze-Frost Village in the middle of a snowy forest on File Island. This would include Sorcerymon (the leader), IceCrusademon, Frigimon, some Icemon, Gabumon, Veemon, Kumamon, Mojimon, an IceLadyDevimon, and a bunch of others. Also I am friends with a Puppetmon and Gatomon who is the partner of a friend of mine. And another Wizardmon who is the partner of another friend of mine.
Greatest moment(s): I actually can't say. Too many to name! All of them!!!
Saddest moment(s): The day he left.
Added Information: Wizardmon comes from a sub-dimension of the Digital World called Witchenly. He is actually the same Wizardmon from Digimon Adventure. He was brought back by an unknown being. Hypothesized to be Azulongmon. He enjoys being in the air more than he does on the ground. I don't blame him. Flying would be fun if I hadn't been scared of heights. But I'm not anymore. More about him! He hates cold weather but likes the snow (don't know how that works, lol). He especially enjoys reading, mainly fantasy books, and doing magic. Sometimes he does parlor tricks and sometimes he shows me his real magic. Sometimes he puts the two together. It really is amazing! He really loves the autumn season and enjoys autumn colors. His best digimon friend is Gatomon.
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PostSubject: Re: The Ultimate Partner Topic   Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:19 pm

Amount of partners: 1
Species: shoutmon
Name: Shout or Shoutmon
Evolution Line: shoutmon,omnishoutmon,supperior shoutmon,plasmamon(biomerge)
Detailed story of how you meet: classified
How long you've known your partner: 3 years
Method of Communication: telepath or astro projection
Potential Partners: none
Other digimon you interact classified
Greatest moment(s): too many to name
Saddest Moment(s): none

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PostSubject: Re: The Ultimate Partner Topic   Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:07 pm

Amount of partners: 1
Species: Ravagmon
Name: Rave
Evolution Line: Punimon > Tsunomon > Elecmon > Ravagmon > Unknown > Unknown. Biomerge to Knight Ravagmon (Looks like Ravagmon but slimmer and in lightweight medieval armor)
Detailed story of how you meet: I always believed in and one day I started having dreams where I'm surrounded by digimon some from the show some not. One of the digimon not from the show stood out from the rest and I some how already knew his name and that he was my partner. after that I started meditating in order to increase our bond and he appeared more and more in my dreams.
How long you've known your partner: a few years now but it feels like we've always know each other. and I have also found an old art project of mine from about grade 1 or 2 of bear like creature with the word Rave on it so I could have known him for longer.
Method of Communication: Dreams and meditation.
Potential Partners: non
Other digimon you interact with: A Renamon with blue gloves and a scarf.
Greatest moment(s): When we first Biomerged.
Saddest Moment(s): N/A
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PostSubject: Re: The Ultimate Partner Topic   Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:28 am

1. "3" but 2 are currently MIA
2. Gatomon
3. Gatomon
4. Gatomon 》AngeWomon 》Magnadramon
5. I meet her through another digimon when i had one of my first dream trips to the digital world. She attacked my digimon friend though when i first meet her but it because she didn't want me too hear lies and wanted me to find out the truth about her. She visited me right away when i first meet her and she's been with me ever since. I first notice digimon because of her, i had just finished 8th grade and i was looking for a video to send to my friend. When digimon adventure the first episode pop up and at the time i thought digimon was a rip off of Pokemon, so i try to find my video but that first episode kept popping up. All of a sudden the video played on its own and i literally heard a voice in my head that kept saying "Just Watch This Already!". It freaked me out at first but i got so into the episode i forgot about it. About three months later was my first experiences with digimon.
6. Over a year now. Honestly I'm not really sure how many months but it has been over a year.
7. Dream trips, telepathy, and feelings.
8. My two missing Digimon. Gatomon is one of three triplets.
9. Veemon, Renamon, Weregarurumon, Terriermon, Lopmon, Lillymon, Lilamon, and Hawkmon (Soon to be Halsemon).
10. Meeting all the digimon from graceland, and helping build the community.
11. Civil war starting in Graceland, causing low security, then being destroyed.
12. My triplet digimon symbols my feelings at times of events. Gatomon gets stronger from my positive feelings, and emotions. BlackGatomon gets stronger from my negative feelings, and emotions. Mikemon gets stronger from all my neutral feelings, mad emotions. I had meet Gatomon and BlackGatomon and there both hard to handle. Mikemon i haven't meet but i heard he's the same way and he's royalty to some village out in the digital world. Gatomon is always with me. BlackGatomon and Mikemon are currently  missing in unknown areas. BlackGatomon was with me but ran away after a fight. Again i never meet Mikemon. I'm currently searching for BlackGatomon and Mikemon.
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PostSubject: Re: The Ultimate Partner Topic   

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The Ultimate Partner Topic
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